Foundation stone laid for new biopharmaceutical production plant in Vienna

On October 12, together with representatives of politics and economics, the first stone of the new production plant for biopharmaceuticals of Boehringer-Ingelheim in Vienna was laid.

Roxxtech was already commissioned to take on the scheduling for the whole project and for the new building in 2015. The production building is currently being built and the implementation of this measure should be completed in 2021. The investment volume amounts to about € 700 million.

You can find further information at Presse Information or here.

The foundation of RoxxTech

George Gordon Noel Byron, an English poet of Romanticism, once said that he likes to start at the beginning. However, the launch of RoxxTech on April 3, 2018 does not have a lot to do with romance. And it does not really feel like a beginning either. That’s because we have already travelled some distance: the decision to launch our company, the meetings with shareholders, the notarial documentation and the negotiations with banks and new customers. Nevertheless, April 3, 2018 is the official date on which we started our business. Our office spaces are located in the “Gründerspinnerei” in Ettlingen, a co-working space for startup companies. Apart from the already existing consulting engagements, it is our task to further develop our consulting products within the next weeks.

We would like to thank all our customers and supporters.