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Cloud-based digital transformation with RoxxEye & RoxxBoard

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Integration 3D Modell
Commissioning Planning
Agile Project Management

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Constructability Check
DCMA 14 Points Assessment
Forensic Schedule Analysis

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5 good reasons to work with RoxxTech


Construction projects are complex, subject to numerous requirements and often also to many changes. Our solutions are as flexible as necessary and apply state-of-the-art project management methods.

We act appropriately in any situation to help you stay on track or correct your course.


Our team is made up of a diverse set of experts of different ages. We combine dozens of years of experience with up-to-date knowledge. That's why we know exactly what we're talking about and what we're doing.

You benefit in terms of technical solutions, costs and implementation.


RoxxTech employees will form the core staff working with you. You will not only win us for your project, but can also call upon experienced partners from our network – whenever appropriate.

Specialists can be applied specifically and thus cost-effectively for your project.

Partnership based

Each individual counts and is valuable for a project. That is why we approach all project participants on an equal footing: Our solutions are based less on formal positions alone and more on the integration of participants and their respective strengths and roles.

With us you get real team players supporting overall cooperation.


Breaking new ground and finding solutions: with gamification. Highly professional with a sometimes playful approach to projects – no contradiction. Through experience and coordinated instruments, we navigate safely through our tasks and have fun doing it.

Thanks to gamification, we achieve even better results for your projects.

We can do: Large, small – and everything in between

Building with Roxxtech: A selection of our Projects

RoxxTech Portfolio

These figures speak for themselves – and for us

A formula that works:
Experienced team
+ experienced network
= RoxxTech strength to meet all challenges


Years of professional experience




Closely networked companies




Do you have your head full of questions?

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Together we WILL master your project!


Yes, this is possible, even if it may initially appear complicated. Give us a call, we will be happy to put you on the right track.

Yes, agile methods are normally suitable for all schedules. We master both and help you determine the right route. Please feel free to contact us.

Don’t we all become freaks – at least a little – if we can do what we love, that what we are passionate for? We take pride in our work and often have fun doing it – sometimes even three dimensions. This makes a big difference, in a positive sense. You will notice, we are sure!

You describe a tricky situation. First of all, you are not alone, situations like this happen often. We can help you to calm the storm and bring together the project participants by promoting constructive communication. We know from experience that even supposedly hopeless situations can be solved in this way. So feel free to call us.