RoxxTech Values



Personal growth

These shape how we think, feel and act. Internally and in cooperation with our customers, our business partners. You will also notice this when we meet: We are inspiring, human and competent. With these hard and soft skills, we ensure that you can unload your cargo safely at the port of destination.

Technical Gobbledygook? We understand it. And can even provide a translation!

From A to Z: Agile methods. Microsoft 365 Services. Constructability Check. Digitale project landscape. Benchmarking. Building owners. Real-time analysis. Trades. Lean-Management. General planning. Construction processing. Commission planning. Virtual reality. Oracle. Artificial intelligence. Primavera. Procurement procedures.

Understand it all? Great! If not, don´t worry! Because we can help. Let a Roxxtech team become a part of your team.

We speak the language of construction: clear, technically understandable and always based on partnership. This is necessary, because only then can we adjust where necessary, or support the existing internal structures and processes in such a way that the participants work together efficiently. Supplemented by transparent and systematic action, we can increase the added value of all project processes – for less ebb and flow.