With analyzes to more added value

3 good reasons for schedule analyzis by RoxxTech

Analyzing existing things is often useful. This also applies to schedules. We are specialists in this field, so we can reliably identify weak points in plans and suggest course corrections in case of drift.


At RoxxTech, we combine knowledge from different disciplines and comprehensive know-how. This naturally includes the areas of technology, contract law and scheduling.


We check whether your schedule contains unnecessary ballast or is realistic and feasible.


We use standardised methods such as the DCMA 14 Points Assessment or proven key figures. We use these to analyze deadlines, their respective durations and the quality of the overall schedule.


You trust our scheduling and are ready to go.

thirst for knowledge

We like to learn new things and develop our own methods. Our big topics are Virtual Reality (VR), Build Digital First (including Building Information Modelling, BIM), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and new construction methods.


At RoxxTech, professionals are at work, assisting you with the most modern methods.


You have a head full of questions?

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Together we can master your project!


Hire us. We carry out benchmarking with comparable projects and draw on relevant key figures for this. This is how we steer your schedule on the optimal course.

Contact us. We then carry out a quality assessment and a constructability check together. Depending on the results, we then change the plan so that you can trust it.

Yes, we can do that, feel free to contact us. Processes should be installed so that you can work with up-to-date plans in the future. We can either do this ourselves or train someone to do it for you, so that you can be on the road again with proper knots.

No, it doesn’t have to. We make your project clear and transparent. Our motto is: as detailed as necessary, as clear as possible. On all end devices. Feel free to give us a call if you want us to get the ship afloat again.