project progress at a glance‎

6 good reasons for RoxxBoard Documentation

The right data in the right place: RoxxBoard records everything that is relevant in detail. And also what could become relevant – such as when activities leave the planned course and the resulting potential disruptions to the project.

Real-time analytics‎

We integrate various systems into your Power BI landscape.‎

You can evaluate the construction progress at any time and check for possible leaks.


We provide you with cloud services for your team or teams.‎

You can work on RoxxTech dashboards simultaneously.‎

Check progress‎

Your live data can be called up at any time via modern, individual dashboards.‎

You always keep track of the progress of the project and feel headwinds immediately.‎

Compatible for all devices‎

RoxxTech dashboards can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop device and smartwatch.‎

You can use RoxxBoard on most device types.‎

Support in meetings‎

Generate PDF files or PowerPoint slides from the RoxxTech dashboards.‎

Your data is presented clearly.‎

Efficient workflow‎

We digitize recurring activities for you, creating efficient workflows.

Data-driven decisions can be made quickly.‎

project progress at a glance‎

6 good reasons for photo documentation with RoxxEye

See what was. See what is. And what is yet to be. RoxxEye makes this possible with a 360° journey through time. For a clear physical view of your construction or construction plant projects.‎

Securing evidence‎

With RoxxEye, we document the progress on your construction site for you at regular intervals. Disruptions, i.e. a disturbance in the construction process, can be clearly recorded in this way to support your claim management processes. Another important application is to record compliance with preservation orders when renovating historic/registered buildings.

In a possible dispute, you can use photos to prove the respective status quo.‎

Internal ‎Communication

Use RoxxEye and RoxxBoard together with RoxxTech’s scheduling – our products complement each other perfectly. We can also set up a VR access point so that you and your employees can walk through the construction site with VR glasses, without having to actually set foot in it.

You benefit from the unique and coordinated overall package.‎

Check progress‎

‎Have the entire construction process documented with RoxxEye – Comprehensive, for every trade and from every perspective.

Continuously monitor physical progress without having to be on the construction site.‎

Compatible for all devices‎

RoxxEye is – like any of our products – available on most devices. And compatible with all common software for Building Information Modeling (BIM).‎

You can use the technology at any time, no matter which device you are currently on the road with.‎

‎Time travel‎

A look back? Or one into the future? Both are possible with RoxxEye photos linked to the 3D model. Of course, you can also drop anchor in the present.‎

Understanding and planning construction processes is improved.‎

Efficient workflow‎

Once the 3-D model, 2-D plans and schedule are linked together, regular maintenance is quick and easy.‎

You can easily check if everything builds on each other correctly and use RoxxBoard as a control instrument.‎

RoxxEye at RoxxTech‎

Fancy a tour of our offices? Experience here on a small scale what possibilities RoxxEye offers. Come for a visit. Here virtually, and then if you like, visit us live on site.‎


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